Make software. Not war.

Welcome to our world.

Hi, we are KRIGio, a remote digital agency with a large network of senior freelancers. Founded by Razi (CEO), Johannes (CTO) and Jennie (CD).

We have our bases from the north to the south of Sweden. But almost all our work is done online, as a remote agency. Get in contact if you have any interesting, fun, dumb or crazy projects going on, or just want to chat about dinosaurs and cats (and dogs).

KRIGio is a remote agency. That means that we work with people, no matter the location.
We don’t think that all agencies need to live in the largest cities, so we live in different parts of Sweden, from the iciest north to the flattest south. We keep meetings remote as much as possible, but travel when clients require meetings face to face.

The environment is one of our highest priorities, and to keep our footprint as small as possible, we try to keep our traveling to a minimum.
With that said, we do love a conference or a few every now and then, and real life meet-ups is an important thing to keep the team together!

We have wide knowledge within Front-end, Back-end, UX, UI, DevOps, Containerization and are passionate about accessibility and security online.
With many years in a wide variety of fields within (and outside of) the tech industry, we have been able to acquire the skills and knowledge required to make top of the line products!

A selection of clients and partners.

We are super happy to be connected to, work with - and for - these amazing peeps and companies that we call Buddies! Love and happiness to all of you!

Selected news and highlights.