From a network to a climate-smart agency.

Press release


After more than a year of collaboration in the freelance collective “KRIG Collective”, the core members of the collective have decided to take action and start up a company together. KRIGio AB will be operated separately from KRIG Collective, but with the same core values and a more defined structure.

Since mid February 2019, Razi Kantorp Weglin, Jennie Kantorp Weglin and Johannes Tegnér runs the company KRIGio AB. The company will continue to operate with the same values and openness as the collective have had.

KRIG Collective have during the years been used in some ways as a company, all members have had the possibility to influence the community in a democratic standard and the community will keep on exist and operate as before. Due to the fact that a lot of jobs that have been done with the KRIG brand have been made by the same group, the core group have now decided to register the entity KRIGio AB to further define the difference between the agency and the community. KRIGio AB will keep on working with the customers and partners that the group have been involved with before and new exciting projects are planned.

KRIGio AB is operated as a “remote” agency and works primary over the internet instead of offices. Internal meetings and discussions will be done over the internet to keep unnecessary traveling at a minimum.

It was about time to develop the community and set up an agency as an alternative form. There is no optimal company structure for everyone, and for us, the best way is to have the mutual office digital. A structure allowing us to be nicer to the environment - and climate - and not miss out on really competent colleagues due to them not living in the big city. I think we are very aligned with how the industry as a whole will look in the future.

KRIGio AB is a private limited company which conducts business within development, service and support of software. The company is a remote company, something which protects the environment and also allows for collaboration over greater distances and without any borders.